Reliable farm management services
to smallholder farmers

Our Mission

We are on a mission to be an agribusiness company set up to make cocoa farming profitable for smallholders by providing them with financially, socially and environmentally sustainable farm management services.

Our offering

Farm Management Services

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Post-harvest handling services

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Agro inputs retailer

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Market Access & Training

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Our journey so far

  • 2012: Started as a business providing labour services to smallholder cocoa farmers in the Central Region of Ghana.
  • 2015: Proved the business case for our Service Delivery Model under CORIP I.
  • 2017: Proved the business case for smallholder cocoa farmers by increasing average yield from 484kg to 894kg by 2017.
  • 2017: Our business model delivered a positive gross margin without grant income.
  • 2017: Average net income of farmers our farmers grew at a CAGR of 49% between 2015 and 2017.
  • 2017: Selected by Bayer West Africa as its partner in establishing demonstration farms in Ghana.
  • 2018: Selected by Solidaridad West Africa to roll out its Service Delivery Model, with lessons learnt from Ghana, in Liberia under CORIP II.
  • 2019: Selected to participate in the African Development Bank’s African Youth Agripreneur Forum (AYAF) – 3rd Conference and AgriPitch Competition, in Cape Town.
  • 2019: Acumen Fellow
    In the coming weeks, we look forward to introducing you to our scale-up strategy and bringing you along on this journey.

Social & Environmental Impact

We are deliberate in ensuring that the social and environmental cost of our operations is minimized.

Our Social Impact

Our social purpose is to contribute towards the attainment of living income among smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana. Poverty among these farmers has been found to be linked to deforestation, extensive agriculture, poor farm maintenance and lack of succession in the cocoa sector. This situation threatens the sustainability of the global cocoa industry. To ensure the availability of cost-effective and sustainable cocoa beans, therefore, we contribute towards ensuring that value is created and retained at the farm level.

Additionally, we recruit, train and deploy critical resources such as youth and women to deliver farm management and post-harvest handling services to our cocoa farmers. Today, 30% of our customers are women cocoa farmers.

Our Environmental Impact

Our Service Delivery Model is based on yield intensification, and farm rehabilitation. As a result, our operations do not lead to deforestation or displacement of humans or animals.

We do not deliver services to farms located in areas designated by the Forestry Commission of Ghana as protected forests.

To reduce the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers on the environment, we use compost as part of our soil improvement regimen. Additionally, we use agro chemicals in strict compliance with local laws.

Kg per hectare per year average yield over 5 years
Tons of sustainably sourced cocoa beans will be introduced into the market.
Average number of Jobs per hectare will be created over the business plan period
Small holder farmers will be certified and establish tracing and tracking systems to deliver beans

Our Value Proposition

To work with willing cocoa farmers with productive cocoa farms to produce sustainable cocoa beans through the provision of farm rehabilitation and yield intensification services under 5-year contract. Under these contracts, we pre-finance service provision on behalf of participation farmers and get paid by these farmers with cocoa beans in the following season. The above relationship is mutually profitable to us and our farmers.

Our Key Partners